“Having been a former professional chef, top notch catering on my sets is extremely important to me, which is why Mike Maxwell and Company is one of the first calls I make–they are the best!”
-George Engel, UPM

“Film crews love knowing the Maxwell’s are on set. They prepare delicious food, have a great presentation, and a wonderful team in the kitchen. First class people preparing five star meals.”
-Sara Otterstrom, Production Coordinator

“You can tell that Liz and Mike really care, they make everybody feel welcome and taken care of – craft service at its best!
-Samson Mucke, UPM

“I wanted to express my appreciation for making the Nereus Truck Launch an amazing experience! Thank you all so much – I appreciate your professionalism and in addition it was a pleasure to work with all of you. Liz, Mike, and Christy thank you so much for helping me with the menu-flowers-music-and for making some of the best beef brisket I’ve ever tasted. Thank you all so much & I hope to work with you again in the future!!”
-Maria Casio, Technical Operations, MTV Network

“Mike and his wife Liz run a tight ship at Mike Maxwell and Co. One would be hard pressed to find a catering company run with more skill, joy, and professionalism. Mike and his staff never fail to brighten the day with their excellent food and bright smiles, and will do whatever they can to accommodate special needs. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike from a production standpoint on two projects, and working for him on his truck on yet another, and would gladly do either again.”
-Kieran Henthorn, Travel Coordinator/Assistant Production Coordinator, Paramount Pictures

“Us crew LOVE when we see your names on the Call Sheet. Thanks for keeping us fed and happy.”
-James (Jim) Gordon, Grip

“When Mike and Liz Maxwell are feeding your cast and crew you KNOW you will have a very happy group.  The Maxwell’s take such care to provide healthy, beautiful, delicious menus and are always ready to help with special diet requests.  They treat EVERYONE like friends and family.  In fact, Mike loves you so much he will make you the best mac n’cheese on the planet which you will become addicted to and dream about!  Amazing food and great people at Mike Maxwell & Company.”
-Lark Bernini, Feature Film Production Coordinator/Associate Producer

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